Trust Deed Investing Information

  • Potential borrowers inquire about equity loans against their property.
  • All client and property information is carefully screened and processed by Crawford Real Estate Services, Inc.. With property valuations determined by a third party licensed appraiser.
  • There are numerous scenarios and reasons for our borrowers to need an equity loan. We do our due diligence in advance that borrowers are able to repay the loan per the applicable terms. Any available cross-collateralization of other real estate is presented and considered, as are liquid and hard assets which may be pledged as collateral for the loan.
  • If the loan meets our lending guidelines, we then contact investors to present the details of the loan transaction for their immediate consideration.
  • A Crawford Loan is secured by a Note and a Deed of Trust
  • A note is a written and negotiable instrument.
  • A deed of trust is a recorded document which secures the note.
    Beneficial interest in the note and deed of trust are sold to private lenders at a fixed rate and term.
  • Borrowers make payments to Crawford Real Estate Services, Inc., who then makes direct payments (may include interest and principal) to the investor.


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