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Earn 10% - 13% throught trust deed investments!

California Trust Deed investments offer an attractive alternative to traditional investment options. They yield a higher rate of return, typically between 10% to 13% annual rate. The risk is relatively low because investments are secured by tangible real property with verified equity. Trust deeds also have the added incentive of producing a regular, stable stream of income through fixed payouts.

Crawford Real Estate Services, Inc. is a Trust Deed Investment Company (TDIC), licensed by the California Department of Real Estate. We provide funding known as "hard money" for construction projects, commercial projects, and equity loans to borrowers that must work outside the conventional banking system. This funding is generated by private investors seeking to diversify and strengthen their portfolios.

We have a 60-year history of investing in the building projects of our Southern California community. Our reputation is pristine among borrowers and investors alike. By placing your money with Crawford, you are not only Building Wealth for yourself, but you are Building this Community right alongside us.

  • Higher return on invested dollar - 10% to 13% annual rate
  • Lower risk - deeds secured by California real estate
  • Greater stability - fixed loan interest payments not subject to market fluctuations

We are always looking for qualified investors. To learn more about current trust deeds offered through Crawford Real Estate Services, Inc., please contact one of our investment officers. You may also sign up online if you are interested in our current investment opportunities.


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